RF-002 Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit!

The RF-002 Empyrean Espionage upgrade kit is now out.  The first batch is sold out.  The second batch will be available at the end of the month.

The upgrade kit is split into three sets.  RF-002 has two sub sets.  Both come with two helmet pieces, two visors.  And then you can get either one gun, or two.   RF-002B comes with only two helmet pieces, and two visors.  RF-002 is limited to 350 sets.  RF-002B is limited to 100 sets.

Pricing –

RF-002 Set #1 – Helmet, 2 visors, 1 rifle – $21.50

RF-002 Set #2 – Helmet , 2 visors, 2 rifles -$26.00

RF-002B – Helmet, 2 visors – $14.00

Stay tuned to ordering details for the second batch.

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