RF-005 – Upgrade Garage Kit Final Photos

Below are the final photos for the RF-005 garage kit, upgrade set for Uni. Darkwind.  This set comes with the following:

1x Helmet
1x Translucent Purple Visor
1x Translucent Red Visor
1x Solid Purple Visor
2x Plasma Blaster guns

The final price will be $35 CAD plus shipping.  This kit will be limited to 350 sets.  The kit is not currently available for public ordering.  Please check back here, and the Renderform Facebook page on when the kit will go up for sale.  They will be sold in three batches of 50 sets.  I will give a one week notice to give people time to be aware of the sales.

Please be aware, this kit is a hand made item, like all other Renderform items, which are considered garage kits.  It is made with urethane plastic resin.  Since it is a garage kit, once in hand, some might feel certain parts can be better finished, based on their level of customization.  For the most part, kits can be installed right out of the package though.

As well, also be aware of the following two notes about this specific garage kit.

The grey color on the guns and helmet will not be 100% matched to the toy.  This is impossible with my limited resources.  However, it will be close as possible.

There is a QC issue you must be aware of.  Once the helmet is attached, there is a gap between the two parts.  I’ve done my best so far to figure out a solution to fix this, but haven’t found any to date.  You can see this issue in one of the photos.  It might be possible to close the gap by gluing the helmet.  One of the reasons this gap occurs is because the screw is higher up, to accommodate the LED in the neck joint.  If I had access to smaller screws, I might have been able to fix this issue for sure. But it’s not certain really.  I’ve shown the finished head to several TF fans/collectors.  Their reaction is mixed. So I expect the same from all of you online.  I feel for display purpose, the gap won’t be an issue.  But if you will be playing with the toy, you might notice it a lot, when viewing from the side.  I will try to see if I can fix it before shipping, but I can not guarantee anything.


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