RF-002X – Mach Red Upgrade Kit

The RF-002X Mach Red upgrade kit was a special edition version of the regular RF-002 kit.  This version was also intended for the Skyfall figure.  The intention was to create the “heroic” version, based on his bio alluding to Skyfall being a double agent.  This kit was limited to only 40 sets, based on the orders received within the time period of one week.  The final kit came in a red color, where the original version was black.  The parts in the kit included the helmet, several visors in various colors, two red rifles, 1 translucent green rifles, and 2 red mini guns.  The set also include a collectors card, and a “tech spec” card.  Some of the parts were a secret bonus, which customers did not find out about, until kits were delivered.  These parts are not pictured below.
Current status: Not in production.


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