RFX-001 – Redemption Axe & Fury Axe

The RFX-001 Axes were commissioned by Cherry Bomb Toys.  The main version of the axe was produced in translucent green, as en exclusive accessory to go with the Cherry Bomb Toys exclusive KM-01X Knight Moprher Commander, produced by MasterMind Creations.  This green version is limited to 200 sets and only available in bundles with the exclusive KM-01X figure.  Other colors were made, as lucky draws for preordering the KM-01X through Cherry Bomb Toys.  The axe features a 5mm peg, and comes with two arm adapters to plug into the KM-01 series figure’s arm.


RFX-001R and RFX-001F are regular releases through Renderform, in a translucent orange and translucent red color.  Both versions are limited to 150 each, with numbered collectors card.


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