RW-008 – Alliance Axe

The RW-008 Alliance Axe is an original design, for those who prefer their robot warriors to fight the battle with melee weapons.  This large axe features a stepped peg, and is compatible with any action figures that can hold a 4MM or 5MM pegged weapon.   The Alliance Axe is now available in orange, red, and purple translucent colors.  As well, in a pearl gray color, to give it that metallic look.

A special edition version is also available, first released at Metrocon, in November 2011, hosted by Metropolis Comics.  This special edition Metropolis Frost Axe, comes in a translucent blue color.  As part of this set, it also comes with a bonus mini blue gun, and a collectors card, featuring an exclusive artwork.  This version is limited to only 200 sets.

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