RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout Photos

The RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout kits are now up for order, in the Renderform Store.  Below is a quick gallery showing the kits off with the various Classics Bumblebee repaints.  Both kits come with two guns, which are all unique designs from each other.  As well, both kits are available in yellow and RTS orange!

Please be aware when ordering.  Due to the large volume of orders expected, a new batch system will be used to handle orders and production.  Once your submit your order, you will get an automated email letting you know your order is in the system.  A couple days later, you will get an email indicating which batch you are in with further details on where to check.   Your batch will only be invoiced when its ready for production, to ensure their is minimal wait between payment to shipping.

Order will remain open until July 31st 2012!

 Click here to enter the Renderform Store to order the new kits!




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