RF-016 Death Czar and RF-016C Crimson Faust

Renderform Garage Kits presents the new RF-016 Death Czar upgrade kit for the Beast Hunters Voyager Darksteel figure!  Designed by Renderform’s creator, Azim Venksta. Convert your figure into a Generations style Deathsaurus!  Preorders are now open in the Renderform store (link at the top of the page).  The first run is limited to 250 sets only.

Also available, is a red variant, RF-016C Crimson Faust, to convert Transformers GO! Bodura into a Generations style Red Geist from Brave!  This kit is strictly limited to only 100 sets, and can also be preordered in the Renderform store.

Both kits feature a brand new sculpted head with light piped eyes, and a updated gun blade weapon, that can be weld two ways.  The weapon is also compatible with the Arms Micron AMW11 H mace weapon (not included), for those who want to give Deathsaurus another signature weapon.

Both kits are on preorder, and estimated shipping will begin on June 2nd, 2014.  Not all orders will ship right away.  Current estimate for shipping orders is between June 2nd to June 16th.  Any orders paid before June 1st, but not shipped before June 16th, will receive a bonus item.  Please check the shipping page before placing your order, to see the current shipping rates through Canada Post.  Renderform is located in Vancouver, BC Canada, and uses Canada Post to ship worldwide.


RF016_01 RF016_02 RF016_03 RF016_04 RF016_05 RF016_06 RF016_07 RF016_08 RF016C_01 RF016C_02 RF016C_03 RF016C_04 RF016C_05 RF016C_06

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