Leo Weapon Series

Originally debuting at the Renderform and Friends table at Botcon 2014, the new Leo Weapon series, is now available for order online, and in additional colors!  These items all feature a 5mm peg handle, and are compatible with most modern Transformer action figures.  These weapons are designed to fit a knight theme, and will look great with any heroic action figure. The Leo Justice Sword and Leo Magnum Hammer both feature a second 5mm peg, so they can attach on the back or sides on certain TF figures, like the TFP Voyager Thundertron!  And the orange and purple versions go amazingly well with Botcon 2014 Ginrai and Alpha Trizor, which were a hit at Botcon when first debuted.

You can order now in the Renderform store. These will only be available for a limited time.  You can order the weapons in seven colors, and either individually, or bundled as a set with discounts!  More details in each item’s product description.


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