RW-020 Fury Blade LE 100

If you’re looking for a suitable sword to go with a Nemesis Prime, or a black repaint of any Optimus figure, here is the Fury Blade, a limited run of 100 sets, part of the Rendered Weapons series from Renderform Garage Kits. This design is a homage to RID Scourge’s original “Sword of Fury”. The Fury Blade is 14.5cm long, one of the largest swords amongst the Renderform offerings. Cast in translucent red, it features a 5mm peg, and is compatible with a wide range of figures.

Price is $17.00 USD, and preorders open up on at 12pm PST, Friday January 23rd. These swords will begin shipping on January 30th.

Special notes:
This sword was not designed with any specific figure in mind, so storage option in alt mode is limited. MP10B is shown with the sword, but poseablilty is limited, as he doesn’t have a tight grip, since the peg is a standard design, and does not have the MP style notch.

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