GK-001 Leo Knight

Introducing the GK-001 Leo Knight kit, the first in the Garage Kit series of Renderform products. The Leo Knight head will be released using the prototype molds, but shipped as a nearly completed product, ready to display.

Customers will have the option to paint and further modify the head to their liking. As this is a prototype design being released (instead of a final design), there are some trade offs. The head does not completely hide in lion mode, and has limited articulation in robot mode. Up, down, and angled articulation is possible. Left and right articulation is not possible, unless some minor modifications are made. The head is also not glued together, to allow making painting it easier. However, glue is not needed to attach the head to the main body.

The kit will be limited to 50 orders, available in blue, white and black, and cost $10.00 plus shipping. Painted examples will be posted up soon. A bundled pack with a head, leo shield, and leo sword/hammer will also be available for $30.00, limited to 15 sets for each head color.  Preorders open up soon, here on Renderform.com!


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