RW-011 Blaze and Emerald Banshee Blades

Two new colors for the very popular Banshee Blade will be going up for preorder soon, here on! An orange and green version, both limited to 25 sets each. Pricing will be $20 plus shipping for each sword. The Banshee Blade is one of most time consuming accessories I have produced, and at the same time, the coolest looking amongst them all. Based on a design from the War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron games. The Banshee Blade is compatible with any figure that can hold a 5mm or 4mm peg weapon.

Special note: Even though the Banshee Blades are displayed with the Flare Up and Chromia figures, the swords have a very loose fitting with those molds.  If you plan to order the Banshee Blades for these specific figures, or any of the other versions of the TF Prime Arcee/Beast Hunters Arcee molds, please give it a second thought, if fitting issue is a priority.  These swords however work fine with any other figure with a closed 5mm or 4mm compatible fist.


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