RF-019 Future Board from MTMTE

The Renderform Future Board for Tailgate, from More Than Meets The Eye, is now available online!  Originally debuting at TFCon Charlotte, last month, a second run is now available for preorder.  As well, the limited version of the purple Cyclonus variant of the hover board is also available while supplies last.  You can pre-order now by visiting the following link:


Alternatively, I have also made available the Hoverboard design through Shapeways, for those who may want to customize one themselves.  To help keep cost down, no markup has been added to the 3D printed Shapeways version.  This version also has not been tested, so please be prepared to sand and hand finish that version.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Photos below are of the hand made, Renderform Customs version, and do not represent the 3D printed version through Shapeways.

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