RF-020 Thunder Struck Upgrade Kit

The RF-020 Thunder Struck upgrade kit allows you to convert Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime, into a modern version of Thunder Clash!  This limited edition kit features a brand new head sculpt with red light piped eyes, and one gold rifle, given an updated look.  A deluxe version of the kit is also available, with a second rifle.

This kit works best with Reprolabel’s Thunder Clash sticker set (sold separately), which really sets the look of the figure apart, from the stock figure, as seen in a photo below.  Please visit www.reprolabels.com to order the sticker set from their online store.

The first three runs of the Thunder Struck kit, have sold out.  You can now order the special convention edition, limited to 75 sets.

To order, visit the following link to the online store:


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