Combiner Wars G2 Stunticon and Menasor Accessories!

The new G2 variants for the Combiner Wars Stunticons and Menasor are now available, for a very limited time!

All the previous Renderform items released for these figures are now available in G2 flavours.  Starting off with the deluxe Stunticon guns, this four pack features colors based on the original G2 prototype for each figure.  The Eliminator Rifle, for Motormaster and Menasor, are also available in three color options.  A vibrant green color, based on the original G2 prototype.  A vibrant purple, based on the G2 CW Motormaster color.  And a vibrant turquoise, color matched to the CW G2 Menasor hands and feet accessory.
Lastly, for those wanting a new head upgrade for their Menasor, the previously two Renderform heads are now available.  The RF-017 Road Shogun head, based on the original G1 Menasor toy, is available with red light piped eyes and two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.  Or, my personal favourite, the RF-018 Road Bandit head, based on the G1 Menasor cartoon design.  This also features red light piped eyes, and comes with two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.

All these new variants are only available for a very limited time, until March 31st.  They will then be discontinued.  If you are interested in the original Combiner Wars G1 style versions, those are still available, but will also be discontinued after March 31st.  Do not wait too long.  To help with a quick turn around, all Stunticon weapon accessories will be limited to 75 orders.  Both G2 Menasor head kits, will be limited to 30 orders.  Any orders after that will be placed on a waiting list.

To order, visit the following link:

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