CW Blastoff Upgrade and Deluxe Combaticon Weapons!

The next round of Combiner Wars custom made accessories by me, will be for the Combaticons!  This is part 1, of what I’ve planned.  To start off, this batch features my Blastoff upgrade kit.  Featuring a G1 inspired head sculpt, with light piped purple eyes and metallic faceplate, and a updated rifle.  This set is limited to 75 sets only, due to the difficulty of creating them!  No further runs will be made, except for the G2 variant, once its released.

Next are updated G1 weapons for Brawl, Swindle and Vortex.  These weapons are perfect for those looking for bigger guns, or want something that calls back to the classics.  Available as a 3 pack set for $30, or a 4 pack set for $36, which includes Blastoff’s gun.

All photos shown the casted prototype versions.  Improvements to the designs are currently in progress.  Estimated shipping date is April 29th, 2016.  To order, visit the following link:

Combiner Wars Combaticon Products

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