About Renderform


Renderform Garage Kits is brand label for home made action figure upgrades and accessories, all created from start to finish by myself, Azim Venksta.  All my items are home made, cast in high quality urethane plastic resin.  Every product is designed by me, and all items pass through my hands from start to finish.   I choose to release these items as resin kits, as I cater towards a very tiny fraction of collectors.  This is a bonus, as I can create designs, that might not be worth manufacturing through a factory.  It is still a lot of work to make each item out of my home, but it means my designs can become reality a lot quicker, and into a fan’s collection sooner, than never.

Renderform items are all made with high quality Smooth On resins.  For most items, Smooth Cast 326 is used.  This resin is strong, and not brittle or fragile, as most people think of resin kits to be, mostly from Asia. Resin is just a type of plastic. Just like ABS plastic, there are different types of resin.  The Smooth Cast 326 resin can survive a drop onto a ceramic tiled floor, and land with out breaking, or any scratches.  Something you can expect from your store bought action figures.  The parts can be broken, but only if forced too, which is true for any factory made product.

Renderform products should not be considered or viewed as “Third party”.  They are all hand made customs, and should be compared to other resin garage kits of similar nature. All items will be sold mostly here on my website.  Online retailers will carry items from time to time.

Due to the nature of garage kits, all items are limited runs, no matter if they come with a numbered collectors card or not.  It is recommended you order any product you find with interest, while still available.

As all orders are made to order, it can take up to 6 weeks, or longer for your order to be made and shipped, based on the volume of orders received.  Some items may be released within a week of ordering, and its possible to wait up to 4 to 5 months for a product, if demand is much more than expected.  The limited run factor will help keep releases made and shipped on a timely manner when possible. So please keep this in mind when ordering.  When it comes down to Renderform products, you either order it directly now, when you can, or hunt for it on the after market with a much larger price tag.

-Azim Venksta