Baldigus Weapon Set - Special Edition Pack

With the new amazing Unite Warrior Baldigus release, I’ve decided to make a limited edition set, which includes the deluxe combaticon weapons from last year, and the new Bruticus rifle.  These weapons are colored based off the original Baldigus toys.  There is a total 6 weapons, priced at $45.  Order...Read More »

RW-035 Commando Ordnance - Bruticus Rifle

Need an approiate weapon, for that awesome Unite Warriors Bruticus on your shelf?  Or does your new Baldigus not have enough fire power?  My new updated combiner sized rifle is something you could consider.  Inspired by the original G1 design, and given my signature updated look, to feel like it...Read More »

Titans Return Deluxe Autobot Gun Sets

Looking for some G1 inspired guns for your new classicsverse Autobot Headmaster figures, from the current Titans Return series?  Look no further, my new gun sets give your modern headmaster warriors their iconic toy weapons.  Each weapon set, comes as a pair, and based on the original, color matched to...Read More »

Power Rifles for Titans Return Power Master Optimus!

The original G1 Power Master Optimus Prime holds a special place for me, especially as it was a present on my 5th birthday, from my parents.  Owning the original still, I’ve looked forward to the new Titans Return version. However, one thing was missing for me, which was his iconic...Read More »

Unite Warriors Combaticon Deluxe Weapon Set

Available now for pre-order, is the Unite Warriors colored deluxe weapon set, for the Combaticons!  This set features weapons for Blastoff, Brawl, Swindle, and Vortex.  Available for a limited time.  Pre-orders begin shipping in early October.

Hit the link below to see the products in the Renderform store:

G2 Combiner Wars Blastoff and Combaticon Deluxe Weapons

The G2 version of the popular Renderform Blastoff upgrade kit and deluxe 3 pack weapons are now available in the Renderform store!  Pre-orders begin shipping in early October.

Hit the link below to see the products in the Renderform store:

The Heartrix - The Matrix of Love!

Debuting at TFCon Toronto this year, is the new and original accessory, The Heartrix.  This is a fun little design, which you can give to your favorite action figure in your collection, or use it like the Matrix of Leadership!  The handles feature a stepped, 5mm peg, and a 3.5mm...Read More »

CW Blastoff Upgrade and Deluxe Combaticon Weapons!

The next round of Combiner Wars custom made accessories by me, will be for the Combaticons!  This is part 1, of what I’ve planned.  To start off, this batch features my Blastoff upgrade kit.  Featuring a G1 inspired head sculpt, with light piped purple eyes and metallic faceplate, and a...Read More »

Combiner Wars G2 Stunticon and Menasor Accessories!

The new G2 variants for the Combiner Wars Stunticons and Menasor are now available, for a very limited time!

All the previous Renderform items released for these figures are now available in G2 flavours.  Starting off with the deluxe Stunticon guns, this four pack features colors based on the original G2 prototype...Read More »

RF-019 Future Board from MTMTE

The Renderform Future Board for Tailgate, from More Than Meets The Eye, is now available online!  Originally debuting at TFCon Charlotte, last month, a second run is now available for preorder.  As well, the limited version of the purple Cyclonus variant of the hover board is also available while supplies...Read More »

RW-021 The Eliminator Rifle

Motormaster and Menasor won’t have to feel left out, as the RW-021 “The Eliminator” rifle brings a G1 updated gun for them to use! This gun is as long as the stock sword that comes with Motormaster. Available in G1 style purple, or black, these will be $20 each plus...Read More »

Combiner Wars Stunticon Guns

Need some fire power for your Combiner Wars Stunticons? Here is a look at my take on their original G1 guns, with a modern spin. Each gun features a 5mm peg, and works with any other figure that can support the peg. Breakdown and Dragstrip’s gun come in blue and...Read More »

Second run for RW-019 Air Rifle for Jetfire!

Missed out on the original run of the Air Guardian Rifles for Leader Jetfire? Due to very popular demand, a second run is being offered in metallic black and red! These will be $20 each, and limited.

New RW-020 Fury Blade colors!

As part of the anniversary sale, two new colors will be offered for the Fury Blade! Orange and Blue, both compatible with any action figures that can hold a 5mm peg weapon. These will each be limited to 25 sets, and will have a special pricing of $15, $2 less...Read More »

RW-011 Blaze and Emerald Banshee Blades

Two new colors for the very popular Banshee Blade will be going up for preorder soon, here on! An orange and green version, both limited to 25 sets each. Pricing will be $20 plus shipping for each sword. The Banshee Blade is one of most time...Read More »

RW-018 Rivet Gun

The RW-018 Rivet Gun is now available for preorder.  Originally first shown off in 2012, this gun is based on More Then Meets The Eye issue 6, where Swerve accidentally shoots a fellow Autobot!  Limited to 75 sets, the Rivet gun is available in comic accurate metallic yellow, or metallic...Read More »

RFX-010 Hero Axe

The brand new RFX-010 Hero Axe for TW Orion is now up for preorder!  This energon axe is styled from the original classical cartoon design, with a hint of modern flare.  Perfect for anyone who wants to give their Orion figure an extra edge in combat!  Preorder here, on More »

RW-019 Air Guardian Rifle

The RW-019 Air Guardian Rifle is perfect for Leader Jetfire.  Inspired by the rifle G1 Skyfire used in the original show, this modern take shows it packs more than a punch to any enemy!  Limited to 50 sets only.  Preorder now only here at!

Update: Preorders now sold out!

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RW-020 Fury Blade LE 100

If you’re looking for a suitable sword to go with a Nemesis Prime, or a black repaint of any Optimus figure, here is the Fury Blade, a limited run of 100 sets, part of the Rendered Weapons series from Renderform Garage Kits. This design is a homage to RID Scourge’s...Read More »

Blackguard Slasher

First debuting at Botcon 2014, these pirate themed swords are now available through the Renderform store!  Available in seven colors, and compatible with any figure that can hold a 5mm pegged weapon.  The swords are $13 each, or if you buy two or more, $10 each.  Price will be adjusted...Read More »

Leo Weapon Series

Originally debuting at the Renderform and Friends table at Botcon 2014, the new Leo Weapon series, is now available for order online, and in additional colors!  These items all feature a 5mm peg handle, and are compatible with most modern Transformer action figures.  These weapons are designed to fit a...Read More »

RW-012 Hawk Saber + RW-013 Giga Blaster

Renderform is pleased to announce the first release for 2013!  The limited edition Rendered Weapons series RW-012 Hawk Saber and RW-013 Giga Blaster.  These designs were inspired by the signature weapons wielded by G1 Metalhawk and Overlord, from the G1 Masterforce series.

First teased at the Captured Prey 3P Party in...Read More »

RW-002 - Super Nullifiers

These Super Nullifiers have been designed to give the classics seekers a more power, yet, sleeker look.   I’ve found the standard null rays too blocky, and wanted to make a sleeker design, which remained some what big to convey the powerful look you’d expect from the seekers.  They have...Read More »

RW-011 - Banshee Blade

The RW-011 Banshee Blade is based off the FOC trailer sword, showcased by Starscream, before Ironhide puts his lights out.  The design for this release has added details, so it doesn’t look too plain.   The sword features a stepped peg, so it can be held by any action figure...Read More »

RW-010 - Maestro Blaster

The RW-010 Maestro Blaster is a modernized homage of G1 Jazz’s hand rifle.  This gun features a stepped peg, and is compatible with any action figure that can hold either a 4MM or 5MM pegged weapon.   The gun is available in pearl gray and black.

...Read More »

RW-009 - Phoenix Rifle

The RW-009 Phoenix Rifle is a modernized homage of G1 Rodimus Prime’s gun.   This gun features a 5MM peg, and is perfect for any “leader” figures, like Classics Rodimus with the Fansproject Protector armor.   This weapon is available in black, pearl gray, translucent orange, and translucent smokey gray.

...Read More »

RW-008 - Alliance Axe

The RW-008 Alliance Axe is an original design, for those who prefer their robot warriors to fight the battle with melee weapons.  This large axe features a stepped peg, and is compatible with any action figures that can hold a 4MM or 5MM pegged weapon.   The Alliance Axe is now available...Read More »

RW-005 - Phoenix Blaster and Cavalier Rifle

The RW-005 Phoenix Blaster and Cavalier Rifle are modern versions of the original G1 Hot Rod guns.  These guns feature a stepped peg, so they are compatible with figures that can hold either 4MM or 5MM pegged weapons.  These weapons were designed to go with the classics Rodimus mold, and...Read More »

RW-004 - Go Go Meow Rockets

The RW-004 Go Go Meow Rockets are designed to go with classics Ravage, and give him a more modern looking rocket accessory.   This is an item to consider if you don’t have spare G1 rockets from the original Ravage to use.  The rockets feature a 5MM peg, and can be...Read More »

RW-003 - Meow Silencer

The RW-003 Meow Silencer is larger gun for classics Hound.  The design is a homage of Hound’s original G1 rifle, which was a different design from his G1 cartoon pistol.  The Meow Silencer features a 5mm peg, and can be used with other figures as well.  The gun is available...Read More »

RFX-001 - Redemption Axe & Fury Axe

The RFX-001 Axes were commissioned by Cherry Bomb Toys.  The main version of the axe was produced in translucent green, as en exclusive accessory to go with the Cherry Bomb Toys exclusive KM-01X Knight Moprher Commander, produced by MasterMind Creations.  This green version is limited to 200 sets and only...Read More »

RF-007B - Warrior's Soul

This special weapons set was created based on my inspiration for what I do in life.  I premiered this set at BotCon 2011, and it was given away to people I met, or those who asked for.  This is a FREEBIE set, and I will never be charging any amount...Read More »

RF-001 - Retro Axe

The RF-001 Retro Axe is the very first Renderform release.  The axe is based off the cartoon design, and meant to go with G1 Optimus Prime.
Current Status:  Not in production.


...Read More »