Final update on 3d axe…

Final update for awhile? Finished modeling the axe. It will be four pieces. Two blades, shaft, and base. The shaft will be able to rotate around. The main blade is about 5cm long.

Below are the renders showing the main axe and along with my 3D Prime model. Please be aware, my Prime model isn’t 100% accurate to the toy. The battle axe’s base is shaped to match the actual toy though in terms of fitting.

Classics Megatron Upgrade time!?

So now Megatron is going to need his trusty energon flail to go up against Prime with his axe. I’ve had some designs ready to go. While doing research, I saw some cool designs I could go with. Like having two or three spiked spheres. However, the cost will double/triple to even get myself one made.   So I’m going to keep it at one sphere. I’m thinking of giving each spike a different height. The top spike would be the longest, then the ones around the hemisphere would be a bit shorter, along with shorter ones in between.

Classics Axe Started!

So I began work on the 3D part of this. I’ve spent just under 2 hours so far. I had to first mockup Classics Prime’s arm and hand, so I could get the measurements correct, or close. For the axe part, I’ve just mocked up the basic shape. Everything seems good so far, so I’m going to start to work on the assembly part, to make sure everything fits. The blades will be two pieces, and they’ll attach by a slot on the side of the bot symbol. I’m thinking the base will just be one piece.

Classics Optimus Energon Axe Idea

Hey guys. I’ve been brain storming this idea for several days, and decided to begin work on it. I’m going to build a custom energon battle axe for Classics Prime. The design is to be updated like the figure from G1. I got one design I really like, attached below. The axe will be digitally sculpted, then 3d printed. Never had a model 3d printed for myself before, so it will be cool to see in person.

Anyways, below is the design I’m thinking of going with. The base will attach to Prime’s hand, and conceal it from all angles except the bottom. There will be a peg to secure it into his hand. The blades will be translucent, and the base will be all silver, with etched panel lines. I also had another idea to add to the battle axe. What if the axe half could come off and attach to a long handle, like Animated Prime’s axe? Or should I just keep to the design below? Anyways, all comments and suggestions welcome!