Lucky draw CW Stunticon weapons!

For anyone who placed an order for any of the Combiner Wars Stunticon weapons or Menasor heads, you’ll be put into a draw to win one of the Stunticon weapons in translucent purple! There will be 5 of each weapon given away, so 25 lucky draw guns in total! Only those who preorder by Monday, April 27th will be eligible! And for everyone who ordered an item from Group A only, like the Leo Knight heads, or the new Banshee Blades, you’ll get a chance at a totally different lucky draw item, which will be revealed next week!

Quick link to new items, and shipping dates for new preorders

Renderform is back with new items revealed, and older variants to celebrate the 5th Anniversary!  There are many new items up for preorders.  New items, which are variants of already released products will be going into productio in a few days.  Other new items, like the Stunticon accessories are still in design phase, and will be going into product in a couple weeks.  So to make things go smoothly, all items up for preorders are broken in to two groups.  Items in Group A will ship first, and items in Group B will shape later.  When you check the product description, it will state what group that item is part of.  If you place and order and have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly, by using the Contact Page.

Group A: Orders with just items from this group will begin shipping on April 20th.

Group B: Orders that include items from this group will begin to ship in early May.

All the new Renderform items can be found by click this line of text!

RF-018 Road Bandit

RF-018 ROAD BANDIT upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! ….WAIT, another one!? Yup, with the way Renderform products are made, a totally different head sculpt like this can be offered at the same time. Road Bandit is based on the original G1 Cartoon Menasor’s head. This head also will be available with two types of eye options, painted red or light piped red, as well as the three facial options. Calm, Angry, or Rage. As with the Road Shogun head, you will have to decide which version suits you the best. Road Bandit will also be $20.00, and be a limited run. Check the entire gallery for the different combinations.  You can preorder here now, in the Renderform store!


RF-017 Road Shogun

RF-017 – ROAD SHOGUN upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! This is a G1 toy inspired head, given a more samurai styling. This head has 6 variants, based on eyes (painted or light piped) and three facial expression, Calm, Angry, and Rage. The options are not interchangeable, so you will have to order the combination you like best, as that will be how the head will be produced, due to parts needing to be glued. The price for each head will be $20.00. The photos show a prototype version. The final pieces will have the same finish all Renderform products have, and the faces will be more defined. Please check the entire gallery for all the combination options.  Preorders are now open, in the Renderform store!

RW-021 The Eliminator Rifle

Motormaster and Menasor won’t have to feel left out, as the RW-021 “The Eliminator” rifle brings a G1 updated gun for them to use! This gun is as long as the stock sword that comes with Motormaster. Available in G1 style purple, or black, these will be $20 each plus shipping for the first 48 hours once preorders go live! After that, the guns will be $25 each. As this gun is also in prototype stage, the final product will have the known Renderform finish and quality.

Combiner Wars Stunticon Guns

Need some fire power for your Combiner Wars Stunticons? Here is a look at my take on their original G1 guns, with a modern spin. Each gun features a 5mm peg, and works with any other figure that can support the peg. Breakdown and Dragstrip’s gun come in blue and purple, based on their G1 colors, or black, like Dead Ends and Wildrider/Offroad. The guns will come in a 4 pack set for $25 plus shipping, or you can buy them individually for $8 each. The designs shown are prototypes, and the final design will be modified and have the known Renderform finish and quality.  Final size for the guns will be between 70-80% of what is shown, based on feedback.  Preorder now, only here on!

RFX-008R Red Guard Special Edition Set

Missed out on the Renderform head kits FansProject‘s Steelcore? Here is another chance, with the RFX-008R Red Guard set featuring the Steel Magnum head in red, blue face, yellow crest, and translucent green eyes. This set also comes with a green Fury Blade, and is limited to only 25 sets, with a very special pricing of $25 each! Thats $10 off buying the original two items separately. If you missed out on the original Red Sentinel kit, here is your last chance for a red themed Steelcore head.

RW-011 Blaze and Emerald Banshee Blades

Two new colors for the very popular Banshee Blade will be going up for preorder soon, here on! An orange and green version, both limited to 25 sets each. Pricing will be $20 plus shipping for each sword. The Banshee Blade is one of most time consuming accessories I have produced, and at the same time, the coolest looking amongst them all. Based on a design from the War for Cybertron/Fall of Cybertron games. The Banshee Blade is compatible with any figure that can hold a 5mm or 4mm peg weapon.

Special note: Even though the Banshee Blades are displayed with the Flare Up and Chromia figures, the swords have a very loose fitting with those molds.  If you plan to order the Banshee Blades for these specific figures, or any of the other versions of the TF Prime Arcee/Beast Hunters Arcee molds, please give it a second thought, if fitting issue is a priority.  These swords however work fine with any other figure with a closed 5mm or 4mm compatible fist.