Combiner Wars Tailclonus Head

Want a More Than Meets The Eye inspired Lost Light combiner team?  Maybe the Tailclonus head will answer that!  This original combiner head, is inspired by the popular comic, giving CW Cyclonus a new combiner head, based on his best little buddy.  Available in two colors, white with blue visor, or purple with pink visor.  This combiner head is also compatible with the original CW Silverbolt and CW Scattorshot bodies, giving you the chance to create a unique new combiner of your choosing.

Special thanks to Josh Perez for the Tailclonus name!

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CW Blastoff Upgrade and Deluxe Combaticon Weapons!

The next round of Combiner Wars custom made accessories by me, will be for the Combaticons!  This is part 1, of what I’ve planned.  To start off, this batch features my Blastoff upgrade kit.  Featuring a G1 inspired head sculpt, with light piped purple eyes and metallic faceplate, and a updated rifle.  This set is limited to 75 sets only, due to the difficulty of creating them!  No further runs will be made, except for the G2 variant, once its released.

Next are updated G1 weapons for Brawl, Swindle and Vortex.  These weapons are perfect for those looking for bigger guns, or want something that calls back to the classics.  Available as a 3 pack set for $30, or a 4 pack set for $36, which includes Blastoff’s gun.

All photos shown the casted prototype versions.  Improvements to the designs are currently in progress.  Estimated shipping date is April 29th, 2016.  To order, visit the following link:

Combiner Wars Combaticon Products

Combiner Wars G2 Stunticon and Menasor Accessories!

The new G2 variants for the Combiner Wars Stunticons and Menasor are now available, for a very limited time!

All the previous Renderform items released for these figures are now available in G2 flavours.  Starting off with the deluxe Stunticon guns, this four pack features colors based on the original G2 prototype for each figure.  The Eliminator Rifle, for Motormaster and Menasor, are also available in three color options.  A vibrant green color, based on the original G2 prototype.  A vibrant purple, based on the G2 CW Motormaster color.  And a vibrant turquoise, color matched to the CW G2 Menasor hands and feet accessory.
Lastly, for those wanting a new head upgrade for their Menasor, the previously two Renderform heads are now available.  The RF-017 Road Shogun head, based on the original G1 Menasor toy, is available with red light piped eyes and two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.  Or, my personal favourite, the RF-018 Road Bandit head, based on the G1 Menasor cartoon design.  This also features red light piped eyes, and comes with two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.

All these new variants are only available for a very limited time, until March 31st.  They will then be discontinued.  If you are interested in the original Combiner Wars G1 style versions, those are still available, but will also be discontinued after March 31st.  Do not wait too long.  To help with a quick turn around, all Stunticon weapon accessories will be limited to 75 orders.  Both G2 Menasor head kits, will be limited to 30 orders.  Any orders after that will be placed on a waiting list.

To order, visit the following link:

RF-020 Thunder Struck Upgrade Kit

The RF-020 Thunder Struck upgrade kit allows you to convert Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime, into a modern version of Thunder Clash!  This limited edition kit features a brand new head sculpt with red light piped eyes, and one gold rifle, given an updated look.  A deluxe version of the kit is also available, with a second rifle.

This kit works best with Reprolabel’s Thunder Clash sticker set (sold separately), which really sets the look of the figure apart, from the stock figure, as seen in a photo below.  Please visit to order the sticker set from their online store.

The first three runs of the Thunder Struck kit, have sold out.  You can now order the special convention edition, limited to 75 sets.

To order, visit the following link to the online store:


RF-018 Road Bandit

RF-018 ROAD BANDIT upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! ….WAIT, another one!? Yup, with the way Renderform products are made, a totally different head sculpt like this can be offered at the same time. Road Bandit is based on the original G1 Cartoon Menasor’s head. This head also will be available with two types of eye options, painted red or light piped red, as well as the three facial options. Calm, Angry, or Rage. As with the Road Shogun head, you will have to decide which version suits you the best. Road Bandit will also be $20.00, and be a limited run. Check the entire gallery for the different combinations.  You can preorder here now, in the Renderform store!


RF-017 Road Shogun

RF-017 – ROAD SHOGUN upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! This is a G1 toy inspired head, given a more samurai styling. This head has 6 variants, based on eyes (painted or light piped) and three facial expression, Calm, Angry, and Rage. The options are not interchangeable, so you will have to order the combination you like best, as that will be how the head will be produced, due to parts needing to be glued. The price for each head will be $20.00. The photos show a prototype version. The final pieces will have the same finish all Renderform products have, and the faces will be more defined. Please check the entire gallery for all the combination options.  Preorders are now open, in the Renderform store!

RFX-008R Red Guard Special Edition Set

Missed out on the Renderform head kits FansProject‘s Steelcore? Here is another chance, with the RFX-008R Red Guard set featuring the Steel Magnum head in red, blue face, yellow crest, and translucent green eyes. This set also comes with a green Fury Blade, and is limited to only 25 sets, with a very special pricing of $25 each! Thats $10 off buying the original two items separately. If you missed out on the original Red Sentinel kit, here is your last chance for a red themed Steelcore head.

GK-001 Leo Knight

Introducing the GK-001 Leo Knight kit, the first in the Garage Kit series of Renderform products. The Leo Knight head will be released using the prototype molds, but shipped as a nearly completed product, ready to display.

Customers will have the option to paint and further modify the head to their liking. As this is a prototype design being released (instead of a final design), there are some trade offs. The head does not completely hide in lion mode, and has limited articulation in robot mode. Up, down, and angled articulation is possible. Left and right articulation is not possible, unless some minor modifications are made. The head is also not glued together, to allow making painting it easier. However, glue is not needed to attach the head to the main body.

The kit will be limited to 50 orders, available in blue, white and black, and cost $10.00 plus shipping. Painted examples will be posted up soon. A bundled pack with a head, leo shield, and leo sword/hammer will also be available for $30.00, limited to 15 sets for each head color.  Preorders open up soon, here on!


RFX-011 Animated Road Bandit Prototype Edition

2015 marks the 5th Anniversary for Renderform – Garage Kits by Venksta! To mark the occasion, some limited run items will be going up for preorder in a couple days with special pricing, along with some new items. To kick this off, the first item to be announced will be a very limited run of Transformers Animated Menasor head prototype sculpts. These were originally designed as a mock up for a 3rd party group, who never finished their project. So I’ll be releasing a limited amount, all casted in gray resin. These will be $15.00 each. As this head is a mock up, its meant to be considered more of a statue like bust. Perfect for TF Animated fans, especially if you have the 2011 Botcon box set!