RF-004 Security Chief

Here are early prototype photos of the upcoming RF-004 Security Chief upgrade kit, due out at the end of February.  This prototype shown is from early December.  So the obvious issues have been addressed, like the larger sized head sculpt, which is now smaller, and will allow for transformation.  The shoulder rocket has also been given articulation.  The kit will come in two versions.  A larger run, with a Red head.  And a smaller run with Black heads. Other details are being worked out.  Stay tuned for final design photos next month.

RF-003 – Updated photos…

Here are some updated photos of the RF-003 set.  In the last photo, I had not pushed the neck plate on the figure, fully down.  This resulted with the head being higher up.  These new photos show it in the correct position.

At the moment, there are around 60 Full sets left, 80 Cyber Sets left, and 80 Retro sets left.  I will begin contacting Seibertron.com and Allspark.com members tonight, on the waiting list.

RF-003 DJ Rockblast Upgrade Kit

Here are the final photos of the casted parts for the DJ Rockblast upgrade kit.  Please note, the flip down visor gimmick has been removed, do to design flaws and casting issues.  Here is the set break down.

RF-003 DJ Rockblast set breakdown –

RF-003 Full Set – 1x Retro helmet w/ silver and red visors, 1x Cyber helmet w/ silver and red visors, 1 toon face, 1 toy face, 1 comic face, 1 rifle, 1 backpack gun – Limited to 100 sets – $45 USD

RF-003C Cyber Set – 1x Cyber helmet w/ silver visor, 1 toon face, 1 toy face, 1 rifle, 1 backpack gun. Limited to 100 sets – $30 USD

RF-003R Retro Set – 1x Retro helmet w/ silver visor, 1 toon face, 1 toy face, 1 rifle, 1 backpack gun. Limited to 100 sets – $30 USD


I am currently taking preorders with TFW2005 members who are on the waiting list.  Since the project originated there, a year ago, it is only fair they get first dibs.  Once I have filled that list, I will move on to members from Seibertron.com, and Allspark.com.  Afterwards, I will try to create a web store here to sell directly, to those of you not members on any of those TF fan sites.

Starting with this release, all items will be cast in a higher quality, and stronger resin!  No more worries about parts breaking.  This new resin is like regular plastic basically.

RF-002 Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit!

The RF-002 Empyrean Espionage upgrade kit is now out.  The first batch is sold out.  The second batch will be available at the end of the month.

The upgrade kit is split into three sets.  RF-002 has two sub sets.  Both come with two helmet pieces, two visors.  And then you can get either one gun, or two.   RF-002B comes with only two helmet pieces, and two visors.  RF-002 is limited to 350 sets.  RF-002B is limited to 100 sets.

Pricing –

RF-002 Set #1 – Helmet, 2 visors, 1 rifle – $21.50

RF-002 Set #2 – Helmet , 2 visors, 2 rifles -$26.00

RF-002B – Helmet, 2 visors – $14.00

Stay tuned to ordering details for the second batch.