RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout Photos

The RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout kits are now up for order, in the Renderform Store.  Below is a quick gallery showing the kits off with the various Classics Bumblebee repaints.  Both kits come with two guns, which are all unique designs from each other.  As well, both kits are available in yellow and RTS orange!

Please be aware when ordering.  Due to the large volume of orders expected, a new batch system will be used to handle orders and production.  Once your submit your order, you will get an automated email letting you know your order is in the system.  A couple days later, you will get an email indicating which batch you are in with further details on where to check.   Your batch will only be invoiced when its ready for production, to ensure their is minimal wait between payment to shipping.

Order will remain open until July 31st 2012!

 Click here to enter the Renderform Store to order the new kits!




Cherry Bomb Toys Present Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy Show!

This Sunday, October 16th, Cherry Bomb Toys will be hosting Victoria’s Ultimate Hobby and Toy show in Victoria BC, Canada.  I will be present with a table for Renderform at the show with new items for preview and for sale! I have been working with Cherry Bomb Toys and Master Mind Creations to create a limited addition Axe accessory for the KM-01X Commander exclusive for the show.  There are various versions, most of them are exclusive to Cherry Bomb Toys and to the show.

Exclusive Versions available through Cherry Bomb Toys only:

RFX-001 – Destroyer Axe (Green) – Limited Run of 200 – Bundled with KM-01X figures only
RFX-001T – Tyrant Axe (Purple) – Limited Run of 50 – Exclusive to the first 50 people to pickup their KM-01X preorders at the toy show on Sunday.
RFX-001E – Envy Axe (Bold Green) – Limited Run of 5 – Lucky Draw item to those who preorder KM-01X.
RFX-001P = Psycho Axe (Deep Purple) – Limited Run of 5 – Lucky Draw item to those who preorder KM-01X.

Non Exclusive Versions available through Renderform:

RFX-001R – Redemption Axe (Fiery Orange) – Limited Run of 150
RFX-001F -Fury Axe (Deep Red) – Limited Run of 150

The two non exclusive axes will first be available for sale at the Victoria Ultimate Hobby and Toy Show this saturday, directly at the Renderform table. 50 sets of each color, plus any unsold from the show, will be available next Tuesday, October 18th, here on Renderform.com.

Each version of the RFX-001 axes comes with one axe and two arm adapters compatible with the Mastermind Creation’s KM-01, KM-02, and KM-01X commander molds, along with a numbered card, with a design to match the KM-01X box. The RFX-001 axe has a 5mm peg, which makes it compatible with various TF figures.

Check back here on Friday evening for a new product unveiling which will go for sale at the Victoria Ultimate Hobby and Toy Show.  The rest of the new items will be unveiled officially at the toy show.  You can find the Renderform table next to the Third Party groups attending the show.  There will be a banner in front of the table, to help identify it.

For more details on the Cherry Bomb Toy’s show, visit there website, here:


Upcoming Projects

Here is a small photo gallery showing very rough prototypes for upcoming projects.  These were shown off at this past TFCon, in the first ever Third Party panel.  Designs and details are still being worked out on the kits shown below. Final designs should look different and address any major concerns.

The Goldbug kit, RF-006 Gold Scout, will be going up for preorder next Tuesday, at 6:30pm PST, along with the final design photos.  For anyone who placed an order from May 15th, 2011, to the current date, and waited more than 6 weeks to have it arrive, waiting for it to arrive, or has not been shipped yet, you will have an option to place an order for RF-006 and not pay until it is ready to ship.  As well, get your invoice number ready, as you can redeem two offers when you submit your order next week.  There will be other cool bonuses for RF-006.  Come back next Tuesday to find out.  Just make sure you take your time to read and fill out the order form correctly!

As always, you can comment on these prototypes at the Renderform facebook page!