Upgrade Kits

RF-025 Barbaric Emperor Upgrade Kit

Need an IDW comic inspired Galvatron?  My new Barbaric Emperor upgrade kit is being released soon!  This kit is inspired by the current comic designs for the headsculpt, and features lightpiped lighting, three swappable faces, and a new titan master compatible neck joint.  As well, a side cannon adapter, and...Read More »

RF-024 Mad Emperor Upgrade Kit

Looking for a non-headmaster option for your Titans Return Galvatron?  My new Mad Emperor upgrade kit is being released soon!  This kit is inspired by the original 1986 movie design for the headsculpt, and features lightpiped lighting, three swappable faces, and a new titan master compatible neck joint.  As well,...Read More »

RF-023 Maelstrom Upgrade Kit

Are you a fan of the amazing More Than Meets The Eye comic series, and in need of a Cyclonus figure on your shelf to match?  My MTMTE inspired upgrade kit for Combiner Wars Cyclonus is now ready for pre-order!  This kit includes a comic accurate head sculpt, with foldable...Read More »

Combiner Wars Tailclonus Head

Want a More Than Meets The Eye inspired Lost Light combiner team?  Maybe the Tailclonus head will answer that!  This original combiner head, is inspired by the popular comic, giving CW Cyclonus a new combiner head, based on his best little buddy.  Available in two colors, white with blue visor,...Read More »

CW Blastoff Upgrade and Deluxe Combaticon Weapons!

The next round of Combiner Wars custom made accessories by me, will be for the Combaticons!  This is part 1, of what I’ve planned.  To start off, this batch features my Blastoff upgrade kit.  Featuring a G1 inspired head sculpt, with light piped purple eyes and metallic faceplate, and a...Read More »

Combiner Wars G2 Stunticon and Menasor Accessories!

The new G2 variants for the Combiner Wars Stunticons and Menasor are now available, for a very limited time!

All the previous Renderform items released for these figures are now available in G2 flavours.  Starting off with the deluxe Stunticon guns, this four pack features colors based on the original G2 prototype...Read More »

RF-020 Thunder Struck Upgrade Kit

The RF-020 Thunder Struck upgrade kit allows you to convert Combiner Wars Battle Core Optimus Prime, into a modern version of Thunder Clash!  This limited edition kit features a brand new head sculpt with red light piped eyes, and one gold rifle, given an updated look.  A deluxe version of...Read More »

RF-018 Road Bandit

RF-018 ROAD BANDIT upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! ….WAIT, another one!? Yup, with the way Renderform products are made, a totally different head sculpt like this can be offered at the same time. Road Bandit is based on the original G1 Cartoon Menasor’s head. This head also will be...Read More »

RF-017 Road Shogun

RF-017 – ROAD SHOGUN upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! This is a G1 toy inspired head, given a more samurai styling. This head has 6 variants, based on eyes (painted or light piped) and three facial expression, Calm, Angry, and Rage. The options are not interchangeable, so you will...Read More »

RFX-008R Red Guard Special Edition Set

Missed out on the Renderform head kits FansProject‘s Steelcore? Here is another chance, with the RFX-008R Red Guard set featuring the Steel Magnum head in red, blue face, yellow crest, and translucent green eyes. This set also comes with a green Fury Blade, and is...Read More »

GK-001 Leo Knight

Introducing the GK-001 Leo Knight kit, the first in the Garage Kit series of Renderform products. The Leo Knight head will be released using the prototype molds, but shipped as a nearly completed product, ready to display.

Customers will have the option to paint and further modify the...Read More »

RFX-011 Animated Road Bandit Prototype Edition

2015 marks the 5th Anniversary for Renderform – Garage Kits by Venksta! To mark the occasion, some limited run items will be going up for preorder in a couple days with special pricing, along with some new items. To kick this off, the first item to be announced will...Read More »

RFX-004F PAX Final Edition LE 50

A final run of the PAX heads for TW Orion are now up for preorder here on Renderform.com!  Limited to 50 sets, this version features painted yellow eyes.  Don’t wait too long, the original run of 200 sold out during preorders, and this may not last as long either!


Read More »

RFX-004P PAXVIL for TW Orionvil!

Renderform and ToyDojo.com present the PAXVIL head kit for TW Orionvil, to give him a more comic looking headsculpt, like the original PAX head.  This version of the kit features translucent red light piped eyes, to give him a sinister look!

The PAXVIL head is INSTOCK at ToyDojo.com now!


You can...Read More »

Comic Accurate MTMTE Chromedome and Brainstorm heads for Code and Smart Robin

Renderform is please to announce, along with guest artist Jesslyn Belle, the new Chromey and Stormy RFX series heads for Fansproject’s Function X Code and Smart Robin figures!  These heads are co-designed by returning artist Jesslyn Belle.  They are meant to be accurate to the current comic designs, from the...Read More »

RFX-008 Steel Magnum and RFX-009 Iron Magnum

The new Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum heads are now up for preorder!  These heads can be used with Fansproject’s Steelcore to give it a new look.  Inspired by the Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus figure, these heads can give Steelcore an updated Ultra Magnus look.  The Iron Magnum head...Read More »

RF-016G Greeny G. Green

RF-016G Greeny G. Green is a fun upgrade kit, made to go with Beast Hunters Voyager Grimwing.  Do to the nature of this kit, only 25 sets were made, and debuted at Botcon 2014.  Some kits do remain, and are available for ordering in the Renderform store.
This kit features...Read More »

RF-015F Night Shade Final Edition

With popular demand, a new run of the RF-015 Night Shade kit is being offered, which will be the last run using this design. The RF-015F Night Shade Final Edition upgrade kit for Universe 2.0 Darkwind is now available for order in the Renderform store.  This kit is a limited...Read More »

RF-016 Death Czar and RF-016C Crimson Faust

Renderform Garage Kits presents the new RF-016 Death Czar upgrade kit for the Beast Hunters Voyager Darksteel figure!  Designed by Renderform’s creator, Azim Venksta. Convert your figure into a Generations style Deathsaurus!  Preorders are now open in the Renderform store (link at the top of the page).  The first run...Read More »

RF-014 Spy Jack and RF-015 Nightshade

Introducing the new RF-014 Spy Jack and RF-015 Nightshade upgrade kits for the Universe 2.0 Skyfall and Darkwind figures, respectfully.  These two brand new designs are being offered for any one who missed out on the two older styled kits.  Both new kits have a planned run of 150 sets...Read More »

RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout Photos

The RF-008 Hub Scout and RF-009 Bump Scout kits are now up for order, in the Renderform Store.  Below is a quick gallery showing the kits off with the various Classics Bumblebee repaints.  Both kits come with two guns, which are all unique designs from each other.  As well,...Read More »

RF-006 Gold Scout kit now for general sale!

The RF-006 Gold Scout kit is now up for general sale.  This sale will last until May 15th, or until all stock is sold.  Which ever comes first.  After that, these kits will not be available on Renderform.com again.  To order, simply click the “RENDERFORM STORE” link at the top...Read More »

RF-006 - Gold Scout Upgrade Kit

The RF-006 Gold Scout upgrade kit, is the first in a series to upgrade the Classics Bumblebee mold, into other G1 minibot characters.  The Gold Scout kit was created to make a Classics Goldbug character out of a spare Bumblebee figure in your collection.  There are four different sets, based...Read More »

RF-005 - Nebulous Tempest Upgrade Kit

The RF-005 Nebulous Tempest Upgrade kit is designed to upgrade the Universe Darkwind figure, into a proper updated and modern G1 Darkwing.  This kit consists of brand new head sculpt, with a light up visor feature, thanks to the original LED in the figure’s neck.  Also included are two updated...Read More »

RF-004 - Security Chief

The RF-004 Security Chief kit is an upgrade kit for Generations Red Alert.  This upgrade kit has two versions.  A RED version, for a cartoon accurate color, and a BLACK version, for a G1 toy accurate color.  The kits consisted of a new head sculpt, a updated hand rifle, and...Read More »

RF-003 - DJ Rockblast Upgrade Kit

The RF-003 DJ Rockblast Upgrade Kit is for the Universe Blaster mold, which is a straight repaint of Cybertron Soundwave.  This upgrade kit came in three versions, with various parts.  There were two main helmet designs.  One “Retro” helmet, featuring a rounded design like the G1 Blaster head.  And  “Cyber”...Read More »

RF-002X - Mach Red Upgrade Kit

The RF-002X Mach Red upgrade kit was a special edition version of the regular RF-002 kit.  This version was also intended for the Skyfall figure.  The intention was to create the “heroic” version, based on his bio alluding to Skyfall being a double agent.  This kit was limited to only...Read More »

RF-002 - Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit

The RF-002 Empryean Espionage Upgrade kit, is the very first upgrade kit released by Renderform.  This kit is meant to upgrade the Universe Skyfall figure, to look truer to the homage character it is meant to be, G2 Skyjack.  The kit includes two new helmet parts, 2 visors, in red...Read More »

RF-005 - Upgrade Garage Kit Final Photos

Below are the final photos for the RF-005 garage kit, upgrade set for Uni. Darkwind.  This set comes with the following:

1x Helmet
1x Translucent Purple Visor
1x Translucent Red Visor
1x Solid Purple Visor
2x Plasma Blaster guns

The final price will be $35 CAD plus shipping.  This kit will be...Read More »

RF-004 Security Chief

Here are the final photos of the RF-004 Security Chief upgrade kit.

The final design has a smaller and detailed head, compared to the prototype.  However, due to the slot, inside the chest, assistance is needed to help the head slide down, and back up.  The only way to fix this...Read More »

RF-004 Security Chief

Here are early prototype photos of the upcoming RF-004 Security Chief upgrade kit, due out at the end of February.  This prototype shown is from early December.  So the obvious issues have been addressed, like the larger sized head sculpt, which is now smaller, and will allow for transformation.  The...Read More »

RF-003 - Updated photos...

Here are some updated photos of the RF-003 set.  In the last photo, I had not pushed the neck plate on the figure, fully down.  This resulted with the head being higher up.  These new photos show it in the correct position.

At the moment, there are around 60 Full sets...Read More »

RF-003 DJ Rockblast Upgrade Kit

Here are the final photos of the casted parts for the DJ Rockblast upgrade kit.  Please note, the flip down visor gimmick has been removed, do to design flaws and casting issues.  Here is the set break down.

RF-003 DJ Rockblast set breakdown –

RF-003 Full Set – 1x Retro helmet...Read More »

RF-003 Painted Prototype Photos

With the RF-003 kit going into production soon, its time to share some painted prototype photos. These prototype parts have a very rough surface finish. The production version will have a smoother looking surface, like the RF-002 kit.

...Read More »

RF-002 Empyrean Espionage Upgrade Kit!

The RF-002 Empyrean Espionage upgrade kit is now out.  The first batch is sold out.  The second batch will be available at the end of the month.

The upgrade kit is split into three sets.  RF-002 has two sub sets.  Both come with two helmet pieces, two visors.  And then you...Read More »