RF-024L Mad Emperor Upgrade Kit – Legends Version

The RF-024LMad Emperor Upgrade Kit  for Legends Galvatron, lets you convert the figure into a modernized G1 version! This completed custom, hand made set has a limited run! This set features a brand new head sculpt, three swappable faces, a side canon adapter, and a updated G1 inspired hand blaster.  The new head sculpt comes with a neck joint, easily plugged into the titan master port.  When converting to altmode, the new head can be removed and stored inside the chest.

Special Notes

-This item is a pre-order only.  Estimate shipping is for late July 2017.
- Photos show casted test shot.  Final design to be adjusted.

Product Specs:

- Brand new head sculpt forGalvatron with light piped red eyes.
- Three swappable faces : Stern, Rage, Mad Laughter
- Weapon feature a 5mm compatible peg.
-  Hand numbered collectors card included
- Produced in high quality Smooth-Cast 326 urethane resin plastic

- Final color may vary.
- This item is only recommended for adult collectors ages 18 and over.
- Item is made to order, and will be shipped in 10 to 20 days after payment is made.
- This listing is only for the RF-024L Mad Emperor Upgrade Kit - Legends Version.
- Action figures shown in photos, are not included.
Warning! – Product may contain sharp edges and is not suitable for persons 17 years old or younger.

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Price: $45.00

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