RF-018 Road Bandit


RF-018 ROAD BANDIT upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! ….WAIT, another one!? Yup, with the way Renderform products are made, a totally different head sculpt like this can be offered at the same time. Road Bandit is based on the original G1 Cartoon Menasor’s head. This head also will be … Continue reading

RF-017 Road Shogun


RF-017 – ROAD SHOGUN upgrade head for Combiner Wars Menasor! This is a G1 toy inspired head, given a more samurai styling. This head has 6 variants, based on eyes (painted or light piped) and three facial expression, Calm, Angry, and Rage. The options are not interchangeable, so you will … Continue reading

GK-001 Leo Knight

Introducing the GK-001 Leo Knight kit, the first in the Garage Kit series of Renderform products. The Leo Knight head will be released using the prototype molds, but shipped as a nearly completed product, ready to display. Customers will have the option to paint and further modify the head to … Continue reading