Power Rifles for Titans Return Power Master Optimus!

The original G1 Power Master Optimus Prime holds a special place for me, especially as it was a present on my 5th birthday, from my parents.  Owning the original still, I’ve looked forward to the new Titans Return version. However, one thing was missing for me, which was his iconic dual rifles.  So I’ve taken it upon myself to give the new TR Optimus Prime an updated pair of rifles.  These rifles are only compatible with this Optimus figure.  They also feature a 5mm peg at the top rear, for compatibility in truck mode.  Pre-orders begin shipping in early October.  Get them while you can, as with all Renderform customs, they are only available for a limited time!

Hit the link below to see the products in the Renderform store:

Unite Warriors Combaticon Deluxe Weapon Set

Available now for pre-order, is the Unite Warriors colored deluxe weapon set, for the Combaticons!  This set features weapons for Blastoff, Brawl, Swindle, and Vortex.  Available for a limited time.  Pre-orders begin shipping in early October.

Hit the link below to see the products in the Renderform store:

The Heartrix – The Matrix of Love!

Debuting at TFCon Toronto this year, is the new and original accessory, The Heartrix.  This is a fun little design, which you can give to your favorite action figure in your collection, or use it like the Matrix of Leadership!  The handles feature a stepped, 5mm peg, and a 3.5mm peg for smaller figures. Available in four variant colors, and as always, available for a limited time.

To order, hit the link below:

CW Blastoff Upgrade and Deluxe Combaticon Weapons!

The next round of Combiner Wars custom made accessories by me, will be for the Combaticons!  This is part 1, of what I’ve planned.  To start off, this batch features my Blastoff upgrade kit.  Featuring a G1 inspired head sculpt, with light piped purple eyes and metallic faceplate, and a updated rifle.  This set is limited to 75 sets only, due to the difficulty of creating them!  No further runs will be made, except for the G2 variant, once its released.

Next are updated G1 weapons for Brawl, Swindle and Vortex.  These weapons are perfect for those looking for bigger guns, or want something that calls back to the classics.  Available as a 3 pack set for $30, or a 4 pack set for $36, which includes Blastoff’s gun.

All photos shown the casted prototype versions.  Improvements to the designs are currently in progress.  Estimated shipping date is April 29th, 2016.  To order, visit the following link:

Combiner Wars Combaticon Products

Combiner Wars G2 Stunticon and Menasor Accessories!

The new G2 variants for the Combiner Wars Stunticons and Menasor are now available, for a very limited time!

All the previous Renderform items released for these figures are now available in G2 flavours.  Starting off with the deluxe Stunticon guns, this four pack features colors based on the original G2 prototype for each figure.  The Eliminator Rifle, for Motormaster and Menasor, are also available in three color options.  A vibrant green color, based on the original G2 prototype.  A vibrant purple, based on the G2 CW Motormaster color.  And a vibrant turquoise, color matched to the CW G2 Menasor hands and feet accessory.
Lastly, for those wanting a new head upgrade for their Menasor, the previously two Renderform heads are now available.  The RF-017 Road Shogun head, based on the original G1 Menasor toy, is available with red light piped eyes and two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.  Or, my personal favourite, the RF-018 Road Bandit head, based on the G1 Menasor cartoon design.  This also features red light piped eyes, and comes with two interchangeable faces, angry and rage.

All these new variants are only available for a very limited time, until March 31st.  They will then be discontinued.  If you are interested in the original Combiner Wars G1 style versions, those are still available, but will also be discontinued after March 31st.  Do not wait too long.  To help with a quick turn around, all Stunticon weapon accessories will be limited to 75 orders.  Both G2 Menasor head kits, will be limited to 30 orders.  Any orders after that will be placed on a waiting list.

To order, visit the following link:

RF-019 Future Board from MTMTE

The Renderform Future Board for Tailgate, from More Than Meets The Eye, is now available online!  Originally debuting at TFCon Charlotte, last month, a second run is now available for preorder.  As well, the limited version of the purple Cyclonus variant of the hover board is also available while supplies last.  You can pre-order now by visiting the following link:


Alternatively, I have also made available the Hoverboard design through Shapeways, for those who may want to customize one themselves.  To help keep cost down, no markup has been added to the 3D printed Shapeways version.  This version also has not been tested, so please be prepared to sand and hand finish that version.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Photos below are of the hand made, Renderform Customs version, and do not represent the 3D printed version through Shapeways.

RW-021 The Eliminator Rifle

Motormaster and Menasor won’t have to feel left out, as the RW-021 “The Eliminator” rifle brings a G1 updated gun for them to use! This gun is as long as the stock sword that comes with Motormaster. Available in G1 style purple, or black, these will be $20 each plus shipping for the first 48 hours once preorders go live! After that, the guns will be $25 each. As this gun is also in prototype stage, the final product will have the known Renderform finish and quality.

Combiner Wars Stunticon Guns

Need some fire power for your Combiner Wars Stunticons? Here is a look at my take on their original G1 guns, with a modern spin. Each gun features a 5mm peg, and works with any other figure that can support the peg. Breakdown and Dragstrip’s gun come in blue and purple, based on their G1 colors, or black, like Dead Ends and Wildrider/Offroad. The guns will come in a 4 pack set for $25 plus shipping, or you can buy them individually for $8 each. The designs shown are prototypes, and the final design will be modified and have the known Renderform finish and quality.  Final size for the guns will be between 70-80% of what is shown, based on feedback.  Preorder now, only here on Renderform.com!