RFX-012 Guerilla Commander – TFCon Customizing Kit

I had the opportunity this year to be part of the TFCon Toronto 2017 customizing class.  The talented Duncan Kemp came up with the original idea of making an Optimus Primal figure out of Mastermind Creation’s Seraphicus Prominon.  After seeing the original concept, I was tasked with create the design and look of the actual parts.  As well, making them into physical parts to be used in the class.

Special artwork on the collector card is made by the very talented Pandacron!  Visit his website, and you can support him on Patreon:


If you missed out on the class, I’m happy to be able to offer a non-attending set of just the upgrade kit.  This upgrade kit comes casted in a metallic blue color, and red light piped eyes.  Since its a customizing kit, you will have to paint it up yourself.  Paint swatches and instructions will be provided!  The non-attending class set is limited to 100 sets, and will begin shipping at the end of this month, July 2017.

Special note: The MMC Seraphicus Prominon figure is not included!  AgesThreeandup.com will have a special packaged deal on the kit and figure soon.  Please watch their website for it.

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Comic Accurate MTMTE Chromedome and Brainstorm heads for Code and Smart Robin

Renderform is please to announce, along with guest artist Jesslyn Belle, the new Chromey and Stormy RFX series heads for Fansproject’s Function X Code and Smart Robin figures!  These heads are co-designed by returning artist Jesslyn Belle.  They are meant to be accurate to the current comic designs, from the pages of More Then Meets The Eye.  As the two characters are not head masters in the current comics, these new RFX heads do not transform either, to stay close to the comic designs as possible.  All versions of the heads can be stored in the vehicle cockpit, when in altmode.

The RFX-005 Chromey Modern head is based on Chromedome’s current look in the comic.  This head is 90% color matched, as shown in the photos below, and is available in either translucent yellow visors, or a painted gloss yellow visor.  This head will be produced in a limited run of 250 sets only between both variations.

The RFX-006 Chromey Retro head is based on Chromedome’s past appearance, as shown in the Shadow Play arc from MTMTE, where his body is also very similiar to Code’s design. This version is also available in either translucent yellow visors, or a painted gloss yellow visor.  This head will be produced in a limited run of 125 sets only between both variations.

The RFX-007 Stormy head is based on Brainstorm’s current comic design.  Available in four variations!  The head can be ordered with either translucent blue or yellow eyes.  Or in painted blue or yellow eyes.  The head will be color matched to the Smart Robin figure for the final production piece.  Images shown below are of the first test shots. The RFX-007 Stormy head will be a limited run of only 250 sets, between the four color variations.

Also available are Virus editions of each head, to go with the Fansproject Function X-1 Code Virus edition!  Each Virus edition head is very limited, and futures a translucent purple visor/eye, and metallic white face plate, with red helmet.

Preorders will begin shipping on October 13th, and ship between November 5th.  All products are made to order.

Preorders are open now!  Click here to check the product listings and to place your preorder.

RFX-005 Chromey Modern


RFX-006 Chromey Retro


RFX-007 Stormy

Virus Editions

RFX-008 Steel Magnum and RFX-009 Iron Magnum

The new Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum heads are now up for preorder!  These heads can be used with Fansproject’s Steelcore to give it a new look.  Inspired by the Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus figure, these heads can give Steelcore an updated Ultra Magnus look.  The Iron Magnum head is based on the original prototype shown at TFCon 2012, and the Steel Magnum head is based on an updated custom design.  Both heads are available in Steelcore colors, or Energon Ultra Magnus colors.

Also available is a special edition RFX-009R Red Sentinel head kit with an exclusive metallic red Leo Justice sword!  Limited to 50 sets.  This head can be used in combination with other core figures (sold seperately) to give Steel Core an even different look!  The Red Sentinel head features yellow painted eyes and a metallic blue face, inspired by an early concept design for the head.

All heads are limited runs, and preorders are now open!  Steelcore colored heads are limited to 150 sets, while the Energon Ultra Magnus heads are limited to only 100 sets.

Preorders will begin shipping on October 6th, and ship between November 5th.

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RFX-009R Red Sentinel