GK-001 Leo Knight

Introducing the GK-001 Leo Knight kit, the first in the Garage Kit series of Renderform products. The Leo Knight head will be released using the prototype molds, but shipped as a nearly completed product, ready to display.

Customers will have the option to paint and further modify the head to their liking. As this is a prototype design being released (instead of a final design), there are some trade offs. The head does not completely hide in lion mode, and has limited articulation in robot mode. Up, down, and angled articulation is possible. Left and right articulation is not possible, unless some minor modifications are made. The head is also not glued together, to allow making painting it easier. However, glue is not needed to attach the head to the main body.

The kit will be limited to 50 orders, available in blue, white and black, and cost $10.00 plus shipping. Painted examples will be posted up soon. A bundled pack with a head, leo shield, and leo sword/hammer will also be available for $30.00, limited to 15 sets for each head color.  Preorders open up soon, here on Renderform.com!


RFX-011 Animated Road Bandit Prototype Edition

2015 marks the 5th Anniversary for Renderform – Garage Kits by Venksta! To mark the occasion, some limited run items will be going up for preorder in a couple days with special pricing, along with some new items. To kick this off, the first item to be announced will be a very limited run of Transformers Animated Menasor head prototype sculpts. These were originally designed as a mock up for a 3rd party group, who never finished their project. So I’ll be releasing a limited amount, all casted in gray resin. These will be $15.00 each. As this head is a mock up, its meant to be considered more of a statue like bust. Perfect for TF Animated fans, especially if you have the 2011 Botcon box set!


RFX-004P PAXVIL for TW Orionvil!

Renderform and ToyDojo.com present the PAXVIL head kit for TW Orionvil, to give him a more comic looking headsculpt, like the original PAX head.  This version of the kit features translucent red light piped eyes, to give him a sinister look!

The PAXVIL head is INSTOCK at ToyDojo.com now!


You can also preorder here, at Renderform.com, perfect for international customers!

And don’t forget to pick up the newly announced FURY BLADE, perfect for Orionvil, and only available here on Renderform.com.

Comic Accurate MTMTE Chromedome and Brainstorm heads for Code and Smart Robin

Renderform is please to announce, along with guest artist Jesslyn Belle, the new Chromey and Stormy RFX series heads for Fansproject’s Function X Code and Smart Robin figures!  These heads are co-designed by returning artist Jesslyn Belle.  They are meant to be accurate to the current comic designs, from the pages of More Then Meets The Eye.  As the two characters are not head masters in the current comics, these new RFX heads do not transform either, to stay close to the comic designs as possible.  All versions of the heads can be stored in the vehicle cockpit, when in altmode.

The RFX-005 Chromey Modern head is based on Chromedome’s current look in the comic.  This head is 90% color matched, as shown in the photos below, and is available in either translucent yellow visors, or a painted gloss yellow visor.  This head will be produced in a limited run of 250 sets only between both variations.

The RFX-006 Chromey Retro head is based on Chromedome’s past appearance, as shown in the Shadow Play arc from MTMTE, where his body is also very similiar to Code’s design. This version is also available in either translucent yellow visors, or a painted gloss yellow visor.  This head will be produced in a limited run of 125 sets only between both variations.

The RFX-007 Stormy head is based on Brainstorm’s current comic design.  Available in four variations!  The head can be ordered with either translucent blue or yellow eyes.  Or in painted blue or yellow eyes.  The head will be color matched to the Smart Robin figure for the final production piece.  Images shown below are of the first test shots. The RFX-007 Stormy head will be a limited run of only 250 sets, between the four color variations.

Also available are Virus editions of each head, to go with the Fansproject Function X-1 Code Virus edition!  Each Virus edition head is very limited, and futures a translucent purple visor/eye, and metallic white face plate, with red helmet.

Preorders will begin shipping on October 13th, and ship between November 5th.  All products are made to order.

Preorders are open now!  Click here to check the product listings and to place your preorder.

RFX-005 Chromey Modern


RFX-006 Chromey Retro


RFX-007 Stormy

Virus Editions

RFX-008 Steel Magnum and RFX-009 Iron Magnum

The new Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum heads are now up for preorder!  These heads can be used with Fansproject’s Steelcore to give it a new look.  Inspired by the Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus figure, these heads can give Steelcore an updated Ultra Magnus look.  The Iron Magnum head is based on the original prototype shown at TFCon 2012, and the Steel Magnum head is based on an updated custom design.  Both heads are available in Steelcore colors, or Energon Ultra Magnus colors.

Also available is a special edition RFX-009R Red Sentinel head kit with an exclusive metallic red Leo Justice sword!  Limited to 50 sets.  This head can be used in combination with other core figures (sold seperately) to give Steel Core an even different look!  The Red Sentinel head features yellow painted eyes and a metallic blue face, inspired by an early concept design for the head.

All heads are limited runs, and preorders are now open!  Steelcore colored heads are limited to 150 sets, while the Energon Ultra Magnus heads are limited to only 100 sets.

Preorders will begin shipping on October 6th, and ship between November 5th.

Click here to order!



RFX-009R Red Sentinel

RF-016G Greeny G. Green

RF-016G Greeny G. Green is a fun upgrade kit, made to go with Beast Hunters Voyager Grimwing.  Do to the nature of this kit, only 25 sets were made, and debuted at Botcon 2014.  Some kits do remain, and are available for ordering in the Renderform store.
This kit features yellow painted eyes, a metallic green “beak” on the helmet, a metallic green gun-blade, and a special green color Blackguard Slasher sword.

Please be aware.  As with the original RF-016 Death Czar kit, the RF-016G kit is not 100% compatible in beast mode on the Grimwing body, due to very tight clearance space for the head’s hiding spot.  Please keep this in mind if you consider ordering.


RF-015F Night Shade Final Edition

With popular demand, a new run of the RF-015 Night Shade kit is being offered, which will be the last run using this design. The RF-015F Night Shade Final Edition upgrade kit for Universe 2.0 Darkwind is now available for order in the Renderform store.  This kit is a limited run of 100 sets, and is casted in a metallic gray color, giving the head and guns a striking look on the base figure.  Don’t hesitate, order your kit today!



RF-016 Death Czar and RF-016C Crimson Faust

Renderform Garage Kits presents the new RF-016 Death Czar upgrade kit for the Beast Hunters Voyager Darksteel figure!  Designed by Renderform’s creator, Azim Venksta. Convert your figure into a Generations style Deathsaurus!  Preorders are now open in the Renderform store (link at the top of the page).  The first run is limited to 250 sets only.

Also available, is a red variant, RF-016C Crimson Faust, to convert Transformers GO! Bodura into a Generations style Red Geist from Brave!  This kit is strictly limited to only 100 sets, and can also be preordered in the Renderform store.

Both kits feature a brand new sculpted head with light piped eyes, and a updated gun blade weapon, that can be weld two ways.  The weapon is also compatible with the Arms Micron AMW11 H mace weapon (not included), for those who want to give Deathsaurus another signature weapon.

Both kits are on preorder, and estimated shipping will begin on June 2nd, 2014.  Not all orders will ship right away.  Current estimate for shipping orders is between June 2nd to June 16th.  Any orders paid before June 1st, but not shipped before June 16th, will receive a bonus item.  Please check the shipping page before placing your order, to see the current shipping rates through Canada Post.  Renderform is located in Vancouver, BC Canada, and uses Canada Post to ship worldwide.


RF016_01 RF016_02 RF016_03 RF016_04 RF016_05 RF016_06 RF016_07 RF016_08 RF016C_01 RF016C_02 RF016C_03 RF016C_04 RF016C_05 RF016C_06

RF-014 Spy Jack and RF-015 Nightshade

Introducing the new RF-014 Spy Jack and RF-015 Nightshade upgrade kits for the Universe 2.0 Skyfall and Darkwind figures, respectfully.  These two brand new designs are being offered for any one who missed out on the two older styled kits.  Both new kits have a planned run of 150 sets each only!  Also available are four very limited variants of each kit.  Read below to check out photos and details for each version. Photos below are of the testshots.  You can preorder your kits only here at Renderform.com, by visiting the store!

These upgrade kits are planned to begin shipping on March 3rd, 2014.

As a special bonus, order either the regular RF-014 Spy Jack or RF-015 Nightshade kits by Monday, February 17th 11:59pm PST, and recieve a bonus gun for free!

Please check the Shipping page for details before ordering.

RF-014 Spy Jack
The Spy Jack kit features a black helmet, translucent yellow visor, and two black guns, compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 150 sets only!



RF-015 Nightshade
The Nightshade upgrade kit features a full colored head with a purple light up visor (using the stock toy’s LED feature), and two gray guns compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 150 sets only!


Order either the regular RF-014 Spy Jack or RF-015 Nightshade kits by Monday, February 17th 11:59pm PST, and receive either a bonus translucent red gun or translucent purple gun for free, depending on the kit you buy. Order both kits, and you will get both guns! This offer is only valid with the regular versions of RF-014 Spy Jack and RF-015 Nightshade.

RF-014M Mach Red V2
The Mach Red V2 kit features a red helmet, 3 translucent visors, and two red guns, and 1 translucent green gun, compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 10 sets only!


RF-014S Stealth Edition
The Stealth Edition kit features a black helmet, translucent yellow visor, and two translucent black guns, compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 25 sets only!


RF-014A Agent Spook
The Agent Spook kit features a metallic grey helmet, translucent red visor, and two metallic gray guns, compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 10 sets only!


RF-015M Mach Viper
The Mach Viper kit features a red helmet, translucent black visor, translucent green face, and two red guns, and one translucent green gun compatible in both robot and jet mode! Limited to 15 sets only!

Preorder any of these kits today in the Renderform store!